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Getting the BEST out of your senior photos: Part 1



It's senior year (or almost), full of excitement, milestones, proms, graduation (it's not the end it's just the beginning and all that good stuff !). This pivotal year marks the end of an era, the end of primary education, and the beginning of the next phases of the rest of your life; college, careers, new jobs, there is no telling where the world may take you.

But, before your senior year even begins, you'll be booking your senior portrait session. Let's face it, we live in a social media world full of comparison, choices, and SO many photographers and packages to choose from. For real though.... there are so many of us, more than likely there are at least 4 or 5 right in your town. So, how do you choose who is the best fit for you?

Let me give you some tips to help you narrow it down.


When you like a photo, what is it that draws you in? Do you like a crisp, clean, true-to-color look? Do you prefer the currently trendy boho editing style? What draws you to a photo, as far as the editing style goes. Even if you can't put words to it- take note of those things that you like. When you are shopping for a photographer, take a look at their portfolio online, their facebook photos, instagram, etc. and ask yourself, do they have a consistent style and look, and do I like it? If they don't have samples readily available online, ask them to share a complete gallery with you or provide some style samples. A consistent portfolio is a great start because it gives you a great idea how the photos in your gallery will look.


What are the photographers you are considering offering in their packages? Decide before-hand what you want out of your session, make a list of what is important to you, and go from there. Are you a multi-sport athlete, perhaps you need a package that offers the option to spread your time across more than one season. Do you want a custom print package, multiple outfit changes, a destination session? If you're not sure yet, that's ok too! Part of our job as photographers is to help guide you through the process. Our packages all start with a complimentary consultation so that we can get to know you a bit and help you figure out the best fit for your needs.


The money is always the hard part isn't it? But investing in quality work for yourself (or your senior if you're the parent) is SO WORTH IT! I could write a short novel on why prices may vary from company to company and so-on. But that's not the point. The point is- there is value in everything you put your money into, right? Your photographer is no different. Consider it a lifelong investment. These photos mark a moment in time, a huge milestone as a student and one you don't get to do again. Remembering how you are, and the things you enjoy at this point in your life is important and special. When comparing the various packages and prices, ask yourself about their consistency, attention to detail, and editing style. If the level of work something you will be proud to have hanging on your wall or in an archival photo book? I know my parents STILL have my senior photo hanging on their wall and my senior folio at the ready in case someone asks them (but please don't ask them!). Make sure what you put your money into is something you can be proud of!

Lastly, chat with your prospective photographer(s) to make sure your personalities are compatible so you'll be as comfortable as possible in front of the lens? Ask all of the questions you have ahead of time so you are prepared on photo day. Typically your senior photo session will be booked in the spring of junior year and scheduled between that spring and early fall of your senior year.

NEXT UP, read all about what to expect once you have selected your senior photographer and package. We will touch on everything from wardrobe and location choices, to final image selection.

Want to read more about our senior packages- reach out!

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