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Fitnesse Dance Center Photo Day:
You may access your galleries here (more info to come):

FITnesse dance photo day.jpg



Please use the link above to access your child's images. The are a variety of packages and a la carte options for purchasing digital and printed images. For those with children in more than one dance, and/or siblings, there is a digital image discount that will automatically be applied to your cart when you add 10+ digital images- these can be added from multiple galleries so you can mix and match your favorite digital images. 

Digital images will be delivered through your email.

Print delivery has two options: Free bulk shipping, these orders need to be placed by June 21st. There is no shipping cost for these, you will need to pickup at the dance studio or my photo studio. Bulk order will be placed once the deadline is passed. Direct ship orders ship immediately when placed and come directly to you, if you are looking for a quicker turnaround select this option. 

Thank you all for participating in FITnesse Dance Center's dance photo day! Have a great summer and please reach out with any questions.


June 3 & 5 : PHOTO DAY!

June 13/14: Proof Gallery Delivery

June 21: Print orders close for free group shipping (you may continue to place orders after this date, but the shipping fee will apply to each order.)

July 12: Gallery goes into archive, all orders must be placed by this date. 

Thank you!

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